We are

Rural Charm Institute

Rural Charm Institute

is a bridge between rural areas in Japan and peoples around the world. 

Our ongoing  activities are as follows :

Shared use country house

We renovate  wonderful Japanese traditional country houses and, provide those who would like to experience a life in rural area with these houses for shared use.   These shared use country houses will make an ideal start point for hands-on experience for city dwellers.


Provincial Life starting support with Local employment 

If those  who start life in rural areas need to local employment, we can support them in finding job with local job placement agencies.  .


Introduction of “gem” like natural foods

Japanese rural areas have been preserving abundant blessings of the mother nature, and are fully entertaining clean, safe, and fruitful ecological environment. In cooperation with such natural blessings, Japanese rural farmers have been industriously producing high quality natural food, Recently, overseas consumers’ demands for such “gem” like products are remarkably increasing.  We provide consumers around the world with information on these safe and delicious natural foods.

Green tourism and health tourism

Fully utilizing the benefits of the Japanese rural areas’ natural environments, we produce and promote green tourism and health tourism, provide tourists with joyful time which would never be able to be experienced in ordinary sightseeing tours, and contribute to the tourists in enhancing their Quality Of Life.

Art and sports

In order to enhance the rural areas’ attractiveness even further, we promote art and sports related activities in rural areas. For example, we invite and support young artists to teach children arts such as painting, music, and calligraphy helping children enhance their expression abilities. Also we provide those who enjoy cycling or running in rural area with a facility to rest and communicate with each other – a "pit", and help them enjoy their lives much more healthy and active manners than in cities.

Off-grid house

With more effective use of natural energy sources in rural areas, we contribute to realize sustainable society. In order to achieve that goal, we promote the construction of houses and power stations which self-sufficiently generate necessary energy by utilizing natural energy sources effectively. . Through these activities, we help rural areas independent of metropolitan energy network and thus economy system.

Possession asset shift support

Financial advisory and supports for those relocating from urban areas

Fully utilizing our experiences and resources in financial field, we provide those relocating from urban areas with professional advisories and supports.